Chronic Blues Band

One our in house bands performing 'HELP ME'.

Southside Jimmy

Another one of our in house bands performing 'Blues Makes Me Feel So Good'.

Crossing Woodward @ Patsbarn

Local metro Detroit up and coming cover band Crossing Woodward stops in at Patsbarn!


Another regular here at the barn performing Summertime.

  • "Open Jam"

    April 3rd 2021
  • Open Jam Night

    April 10th 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    April 17th 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    April 30th 2021
  • "Open Jam"

    May 1st 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    May 8th 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    May 15th 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    May 22nd 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    June 5th 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    June 12th 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    June 19th 2021
  • "Open Jam Night"

    June 26th 2021

Open Jam Series Episode 3

A regular happening here at Patsbarn where local musicians from all walk and genres come together and jam.

Our Open Jam Series Episode 6

Episode 6 of our Open Jam Series - This is where local musicians meet to jam, play with other like minded musicians and learn from one another.

Open Jam Series Chips Bday

My cousin Chip from Kalamazoo shows up for his birthday at one of our open jams. Made my night to see him.

Open Jam Series Episode 4

Our regular open jams our popular nights with the local musicians so We tend to do five songs a piece and then rotate.

Flight of the Drumkit

Pats Ludwig Kit on the stage at Patsbarn

A unique view of the 17 piece Ludwig kit, 10 cymbals percussion blocks, chimes, cowbell. From the double pedals to the piccolo snare get a ariel flight through this chome jungle that I call my baby.....

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  • Pay your $5 a month membership fee
  • This is a work in progress

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Pats Barn Rocks During Covid Lockdown

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