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We Film, You Play

Patsbarn is proud to be able offer to guest bands a modern recording of thier live performance for web promotional videos.

Patsbarn has everything you need for your entertainment groups multimedia project. Wether your a band, stand up comic or magician, we can facilitate a multicam digital recording of your performace that can be used for your promotional purposes.

At our facility just south of the Detroit Metropolitan Aiport. We have a 2000 square foot facility that includes a large 12'x24' stage with drum riser, professional DMX lighting system, and a comfy lounge astomphere.

We have a large membership, and most times our audience is larger and more enthusiastic than you might find out at the local bar scene.


Our space is designed to help you sound your absolute best with the comfort of recording at home. Get the result you want, whether it’s your very first recording or your tenth studio release.


Equipped with multicam video production set up for allowing us to capture a multifacid video with various angles to capture that just right moment for the best possible video, Thus allowing all the action and nuiances of a live performance to come through on the screen.


We’ve got the experienced staff to shape your project through the planning stages, direction, and execution. See what we can do for you!

Feel free to call us with any questions

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