The Structure Tree

This is kinda the way I see things but am open to suggestions, input and alternative directions that I may not have considered.


Action Detroit:

This is our public facing entitiy. Where we present a talent portal, not exclusive to but featuring friends, invited visitors and associates of the barn. This medium is open to other Metro Detroit Area bands, performers, actors, dancers, magicians, clowns or anyone that provides live entertainment of any sort and wishes to be included. The public is readily invited to participate.


Pats Barn Rocks:

This is the barns website. For internal members and freinds information, to kinda show whats happing or just happened at the barn. And where I would put information about video recording ect. Which im not sure I want to continue doing. The whole video stuff takes alot of time and really is only for hobby purposes. Its not like it makes money, however it is like a full time job.


The Barn Rats:

This is the name of our in house band. The Barn Rats consist of Jerry, Todd, Erick, Brandi and myself. Many of the people that tend to come hang out with us at Patsbarnrocks tend to call themselves barn rats. So to be clear, the name of the band is THE BARN RATS and a BARN RAT is a patrone, freind or groupie that comes to the barn. Also known as a BRMC member.



Stands for BARN RATS MUSICIANS CONSORTIUM it's simply a slogan I came up with one day. Not sure if it was a good idea or if we will keep it around but seems some peaple really liked it.



Support Michigan Musicians:

Again its simply a slogan and logo I came up with one afternoon. Whats more interesting is the image I made has been shared over 10,000 times and counting.



is a cartoon superhero I developed and use for some of my online funny stuff. Just pay him no attention, for he thrives on it and can get out of hand very quickly. He currently resides within my advertising platform and enjoys tormenting me and generally ensuring my visits are hectic and chaotic.


Barn Rats Productions Llc:

This is something I set up simply to process credit cards through a bank and accept paypal payments through in the event I ever actually sell soemthing like services ect. I used it in some of our youtube productions. Seemed to be the thing to do as most regualar youtube posters have something similar.